Crime Scene cleanup services, Trauma scene cleanup service providers are certified companies who clean up after a crime, murder, suicide, accident or unattended death resulting in blood and body fluid loss and an environment being contaminated.  Crime scene cleaning services can be called to the scene by Fire, Police, Coroner, Medical Examiner, funeral homes,  mortuary services, public safety officers and the general public.  Crime scene cleanup services sanitize, disinfect or sterilize the contaminated area and take precautions to remediate and eliminate any potential biohazards and odor.

Crime and trauma cleanup services also provide trash, filth, packrat. hoarder clean out and trashout services in addition to suicide and homicide and unattended death clean-up services. 

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When the unthinkable happens, people are hurt and injured, an accident, a crime, shooting or stabbing, crime scene and trauma scene clean-up companies clean up the gross mess left.  Our crime scene cleaners are careful to sterilize and sanitize the area and package any biohazard and medical waste for disposal in accordance with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) CFR 1910.1030, TNRCC (Texas Natural Resource Commission) and DOT (Department of Transportation).

Crime scene  and trauma scene cleanup services include cleaning of suicide/homicide cleanup services, pack rat and trash hoarder garbage cleanout service.  Crime scene and trauma scene clean up services may bill insurance companies. Cleanup of crime scenes may be reimbursed through crime victim compensation fund, administered through the Attorney General victim of crime compensation fund (OAG victim compensation program)

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